Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Hyper Fate Collection Saber

Pretty much, this is an update from the last one that I made. I have needed to completely delete the post since I really REALLY didn't actually "explore" the figure well. For those who read it, sorry for the misinformation. I truly am sorry about it.

Anyway, let's go on to the review...


So...the box...I'm not really good at describing boxes since...well, they're just boxes. Anyway, it's pretty much a boxception (box inside a box). The outer box color scheme is blue because, of course, it's Saber. There's the title of the visual novel/anime on the front with the quote about Masters and Holy Grail War below it. At the back is a magic circle in whcih I actualy never saw in the anime or visual novel (it might've been there and I just missed it or it actually isn't in there). Same goes for the side.
And the main box. There's the window and you can pretty much see EVERYTHING that is in this thing. Yes, sadly, what you see is what you get. Everything that you see through the window is all that's in it. 

And now the figure, which ALL are looking forward to. First thing I've noticed when I popped this thing out of the tray (yes, no twisties! Rejoice, you faggot!) is that the joints are seriously stiff. Like, seriously-stiff-that-might-break-when-you-suddenly-twist-or-whatever-you-do-with-it stiff. I rather recommend to those who are planning to get this to take loosen the joints with care. Plastic quality is the same as your normal SICs though this one doesn't have any metallic parts even though the sculpt was made by Kenji Ando. As for the joints, what's severely disappointing is that the neck isn't double-jointed. The upper part of the neck and the head are just one object while there's a ball joint at the bottom. Turning the head is a bit restricted because of the hair at the sides of the head. One more is that the head usually keeps on popping off if you position the head a bit far.

By now you might be asking what's the big deal about this figure? I mean, it's just Saber, right? Right? Well, yes, technically, it's just Saber but with added details. In other words, re-imagined Saber. Even the face, though actually, the anime face is also included in the pack but I'd rather refuse to use it because it just looks terrible.

No pantsu for you.
Hair is rather sculpted nicely.

The one thing that forced me to rewrite this review is this part (ignore the background). At first, I thought that this figure didn't have any waist articulation. But after playing with it because I was procrastinating, there was a pop sound and I thought I had broken it. Turns out that I actually managed to loosen the waist joint. I tried to take it off and voila! there's actually a joint in the waist.

And since I separated the upper torso, might as well go beyond. xD

Yes, folks. You can remove the breast plate or whatever that thing is. You can remove it by pulling it by removing the arms first and pulling it down.

Sadly, you can't remove the cloth. Bummer...
Flat boobs. Either the cloth was just too tight on her skin or she really is flat chested. Though I'm leaning more on the former since she had nice illustrated boobs in the sex scenes in the visual novel. Yes, you get to fuck her somewhere in the story.

Some extra shots that don't matter.

I seriously love how this figure is so balanced despite wearing heels. Posed it for 5 minutes and didn't even budge.

Pretty much, that's it for this figure. Besides the re-imagined look, there's really nothing else that this thing offers. Average articulation and shitty amount of accessories...well, if you count a huge blob of air in the back of the tray as an accessory, then include it. Though it isn't all too bad, I really feel it's not just worth the price since for the same price, you can pretty much get a good-looking SIC with a lot of accessories and exceptionally good articulation. But if you are just simply a fan of Saber, then get it. IMO, this is one of the best articulated figures of Saber out there right now.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DC Unlimited WoW Illidan Demon Form review

       Pretty much, this is just a revision of the same review I had posted a long time ago (coughlastyearcough). Reason why I did so was that the old review really didn’t talk much about the figure and it really sounded newb-ish and moreover, the pictures sucked (I hope the new ones are better). By now, I think I can make a better one than the last one.
                I really didn’t take pictures of the box of this statue since it is pretty much useless anyway once you take out the figure and display it in the open provided that you are not a MISB (Mint In Sealed Box) collector. One thing I could say, though, is that the box is freakin huge. For those who collect SIC or at least know how big the boxes of SICs are, here’s a comparison of the size of the boxes.

                 Anyway, enough of the box and on to the statue. I term it as “statue” because, well, it is exactly almost like a statue, meaning it doesn’t move, meaning no articulation. Well, it would be wrong though if I say that there’s no articulation.
                First thing I could say about this thing is that it is seriously heavily detailed. The material used for the body and wings of this figure is somewhat unfamiliar to me. I know how PVC’s texture is like. Same also with ABC. Well, one thing I could certainly say is that the material is pretty tough and heavy. The wings are made of the same material for the body. As for the hair and horns, it’s made of bendable rubber-like plastic. As for the blades, clear green plastic.
                Paintjob is just astounding. Combinations of splashes of dark red paint and black are found throughout the figure. Well, last I remember was that the color of Illidan when he goes into Demon Form is just pure smoking black. I don’t know if they somehow changed how he looked in WoW. I don’t know since I really didn’t play WoW that much. It is rather a surprise that they actually didn’t follow that concept yet actually this one looked quite well. The green marks on the body are of a contrast between light green and green.
                As for stability, this is just where it falls a bit short. If you had been observant when looking at the pictures, you could’ve seen those papers that I put under its feet. If you are thinking that it could not stand well, you are right. This one actually has a base stand but mine broke (gonna get to that part later). Moreover, if you connect the wings, there is absolutely no way you can display it without using the base stand or something to support the back. More is that the connection of the wings and the body isn’t all too good. I don’t know if it’s just on mine though but whenever I try to push the right wing into the socket, there’s a little part that will slide out. This may sound like bitching but seriously, they should have at least fixed the stability of the statue even though if it is only without the wings instead of us relying too much on the base stand.
                Well, if you are thinking if this one has any bit of articulation in it, it’s sad to say that this one is a statue, not an action figure. Though actually, you can move the head into different directions since the connection of the head and neck is a ball-joint type connection. Besides that and the blades’ handles can swivel up and down, there’s really nothing else.

I actually wonder why he looks fuckin pissed off. xD

Seriously big holes for the wings...

                  Now we get to the main selling point of this: the wings. The wings are just too huge. I think the total height of the figure from the feet up to the tip of the wings is about 12 inches. I really didn’t bother to measure it but I am certainly sure that it is that big. The serious downside for this part: the statue becomes back heavy. If you still recall when I said that my base stand for this broke, I shall explain now. I displayed this thing out of its box for a long time and most of those times, it started to droop backwards. Of course, I often fixed it into its rightful position. But then, one day, I just came home and saw that the pegs of the base stand that are inserted into its feet just broke and the statue lying on its back. Pretty much, I can’t say that it’s the other people in my house since they really don’t give a fuck about these things. So if you are planning to get this or if you already have, I advise you to display it with something to support its back. Right now, I am displaying it with a Tamashii Base Stand as a support for the back.

             Pretty much, I think you can already expect what I am going to say. Well, I'll just say this simple sentence, "Shut the fuck up and go buy one now." xD